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Wetlands - Selected Projects
Oregon Yacht Club Dredging
Desert Shooting Star
(Dodecathion conjugens)
Golden NW Aluminum Wetland Delineation
The Dalles, OR

ES&A delineated wetlands at this 67-acre parcel at the Golden NW Aluminum site in The Dalles. The parcel contained 50 individual wetland areas that included unique habitat types including vernal pools. ES&A also conducted rare plant surveys and provided permitting and ESA compliance services to support a proposed retail development at the site.

Edgefield "Pig Farm" Site
Edgefield Property Wetlands Studies
Troutdale, Oregon

ES&A delineated wetlands on 160 acres of Multnomah County's Edgefield property in Troutdale. The wetland studies supported creating new parcels to provide for a new middle school and high school for Reynold's School District and allow expansion of the existing McMenamin's golf course.

Petaluma River Wetlands
Petaluma Biological Resources Review
Petaluma, California

ES&A performed a biological resources review of significant waterways within the City of Petaluma as part of an effort to address annual flooding problems. ES&A documented sensitive species and wetlands associated with the waterways.

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