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Environmental Science & Assessment (ES&A) provides natural resource assessment and environmental permitting services for municipalities, industry and private developers.

ES&A staff possess extensive experience in environmental planning and natural sciences. We work daily with local, state and federal regulators to address the site assessment, planning and permitting needs of our clients.

ES&A is a certified Emerging Small Business (ESB Certification 2472) and maintains an office in Portland, Oregon.

What our Clients have to say.  
"ES&A's work is professional, first rate and of high value. For our 102 acre industrial park ES&A designed and managed a technically difficult multi-million dollar wetland restoration project involving resolution of tangled legal issues and permitting from five City, State and Federal agencies".
Kevin Loftus – Jameson Partners LLC
"ES&A has been great to work with. I appreciate their attention to detail and responsiveness to all of our questions. I am very pleased that we have gotten through the process and have our permits so we can move forward with the next step."
Shane Witham, City of Keizer Community Development Department
"ES&A should get some kind of award for getting the City a permit ahead of others who have been in the system longer with less impactful projects. Great job!"
Ray Lanham, PE, Oregon State Marine Board
"ES&A is our 'go to' consultant. They always deliver a high quality product and on time."
Mandy Flett, Otak, Inc.
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